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Waccamaw Hunting Services, LLC, through coordination with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is now able to offer you legal night hunting for wild boar!

As a lot of you know, I have been in the hunting industry my entire life and know that hog hunting in the summer months, due to their nature and the heat factor, has never been very productive and downright pitiful. I honestly never understood how a lot of “Outfitters” in this fine state of ours offered these hunts to people knowing their chances were slim to none. This is why we have never hunted hogs in the summer months and it was understood that I never would unless we could hunt them at night……………WELL NOW WE CAN!!!!!!!!

Wild hogs are a huge problem in our area and the only way we can control them is hunting and trapping. Until now, states like Florida and Texas were the only states that allowed hunters to use artificial lights to hunt wild hogs at night. We have always had plenty of hogs in this area but due to the explosion in the population over the last 3 years, the Biologists with the SCDNR have now decided to allow our hunters the same privilege!

They (finally) figured out that offering these legal night hunts for the wild hogs would be a very productive method of controlling the population with much higher success during the summer months, allowing us to hunt them at night instead of the normal dusk/dawn timeframe.

Hogs that are completely nocturnal and unfortunately pretty well un-killable are now up for the taking! These wild hogs have never been hunted at night as the summer of 2011 will be the first year it will be legal to do so. Wild hogs are very comfortable moving after dark like they do and think this surprise tactic will be a perfect plan! This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get that
true trophy boar that has never been on his feet during daylight hours!

We will offer these NO LIMIT/NO TROPHY FEE night hog hunts from May 15th through July 1st. Please call or email for more details! We will be happy to get you the information you need on this new and very exciting opportunity!

Deer Hunts : Wild Boar Hunts : Turkey Hunts :
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