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While only taking 5 hunters at a time, we offer guests the opportunity to see and hunt game in their normal feeding, breeding and moving habits as we keep the hunting pressure to a bare minimum. Rotating of stands, hunting with the wind, strict policy on guests not leaving their stands and having a lot more land and stands that you can see on a 3 day trip ensures you the best opportunity to take that buck of a lifetime!

Our management rules on bucks is a minimum of 15 spread AND at least an eight point. NO EXEPTIONS! An illegal kill fee of $500 for an unacceptable kill has been instituted since 1999.

It may seem strict but we see what this can do for the bucks as to not harvest a buck unless he is AT LEAST 3.5 years old.We have several different tracts of land and as you can see in our trophy gallery, some of our bucks are really wide, some are really tall and some have great mass and a little of both! We offer 2 sittings per day while you are allowed to take 2 deer per day, one deer per sitting. If you wish to sit all day, as some of our guests like to do, this can be productive and accommodated for you. We have ladder stands, tripod stands, ground blinds as well as hang on stands for bow hunters. They are all checked and rechecked, safe and comfortable! Again, we have a lot more land here than most of the operations in the South that take 30 or more people at a time. Yet, we have a greater success rate and a much greater repeat customer percentage because we know what the hunters want while still providing for the wildlife. We are hunters ourselves and when you take a nice buck with us, it is just like we did it ourselves!

Wild Hogs can be taken during any deer hunt.


  • All meals and lodging
  • Transportation to and from the field.
  • High quality stands.
  • Linen and Towels.
  • Price per person includes a bed in one of two bedrooms.
  • Hunting licenses are available on site!
    Deer hunting license for 2 - 3 days:    $140.00
    Deer hunting license for 4 5 days:    $175.00
    License fees subject to change
We can, if you wish, provide transportation to and from the airport for a small fee. All deer will be taken to a processing facility to be packaged the way you like it. Hunters must provide their own coolers.

Deer Hunts : Wild Boar Hunts : Turkey Hunts :
Price $ List : and More...

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Waccamaw Hunting Services
731 Ports Hill Drive
Hemingway, SC 29554
Toll Free : 877-664-2600

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